Authentic Quran education made easy.

Even if you have ZERO experience.

“I have never felt the urge to attend a class as much as I did this one.”

Have you ever had the desire to learn to recite Quran correctly, but feared it would be too difficult to learn? Maybe you thought it was something only Arabs could learn. Or that you are too old and need to start at an early age. Or that it requires hours and hours of study and dedication per week. The Truth it's not .......

Combining the classical Tajweed curriculum with modern teaching methods, we are able to teach you how to recite the Quran in a way that is intuitive and seems, God willing, effortless.
You’ve never experienced learning the Quran like this. We make it so easy and enjoyable you will fall in love with the Quran and look forward to every class. Whatever your background, age, or schedule, we can help you. Even if you’ve never recited a single letter of Quran in your life!

A Life-Changing Experience.

  • “In all my years of schooling I have never felt as motivated and excited to go to class. The structure of the class, the presentation of the content, the pace of delivery, the assignments, reciting to the teachers, the memorization, and the exams, all complemented each other to help me absorb the material. Alhamdulilah my recitation improved and, more importantly, so did my understanding of tajweed.”

    Adnan Tasneem

  • “When I first joined the class I noticed a huge gap in ability between the students. I thought I might not benefit as much from the class since more time would be required for to help the weaker students. I was surprised when, as the classes progressed, the instructors’ hard work produced exponential improvement not just for me but also for those students who had an uphill task before them.”

    Shehzad ul Haq

  • “I loved the structured, precise way the instructor taught the course and his deep knowledge of the subject matter. I treasured every class and always left the lessons feeling emotional after the practice recitation with the teaching assistant. I felt like Allah had been extremely merciful in granting me this valuable opportunity to study the Quran with instructors like these.”

    Muhammad Owais

We are Tebyan Academy

Every Muslim dreams of reciting the Quran beautifully...
but a beautiful voice is not enough.
The most important etiquette when reciting the Quran is to pronounce every letter and word correctly as it should be.

The proper recitation of the Quran, known formally as Tajweed Rules, has been taught and passed down from teacher to student, generation to generation for over 1400 years, forming an unbroken chain all the way back to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, who was taught by angel Jibreel.

“Assalamu alaikum, I’m Muhammad Saad, CEO of Tebyan Academy. For almost 15 years I have taught men, young and old, how to recite the Book of Allah correctly in the classical way. The way my teacher taught me. The way his teacher taught him....... Read More

Never again feel shy or ashamed to recite the Quran aloud

Imagine reading the Quran fluently and not feeling tired or frustrated because of the difficulty.
Imagine being moved to tears with the beauty of the sound of Allah’s speech on your lips.
Imagine being able to lead your friends, family, or coworkers in prayer, confident that you won’t make any mistakes when you recite.
Imagine teaching your wife and children how to recite the Quran as you were taught.
“The best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”
- Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Sahih Al- Bukhari 5027

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