Teaching Tajweed Rules is an art that we have made it...

Easy, Enjoyable, Unforgettable

Here's our recipe...

Combining the classical Tajweed curriculum with modern teaching methods, we are able to teach you how to recite the Quran in a way that is intuitive and seems, God willing, effortless.

You’ve never experienced learning the Quran like this. We make it so easy and enjoyable you will fall in love with the Quran and look forward to every class. Whatever your background, age, or schedule, we can help you. Even if you’ve never recited a single letter of Quran in your life!

At Tebyan Academy we teach the most popular mode of recitation, Hafs ‘an Asim.
Our tajweed curriculum is covered over 2 levels.
Here, we list what you will learn in each level.


This is the ideal introduction to the science of tajweed and the best preparation for your journey with the Quran.

We will delve into the beauty of the Arabic language, and break down the exact science of articulating each letter.
We'll follow this up with the basic tajweed rules and their application throughout the Quran.
This course is designed to help you cover the most ground in a short period of time and teaches the following topics:

What You Will Learn

•Makharij al-huroof (articulation points of letters)
•Harakaat (vowels)
•Madd Tabee’i (natural extension of long vowels)
•Tafkheem (heavy letters)
•Qalqalah (echoing)
•Noon & meem mushaddadatayn (doubled noon & meem)
•Noon saakinah & tanween (noon-ation) rules
•Meem saakinah rules
• Laam saakinah rules
• Hamzat al-wasl (connecting hamza)
• Madd waajib muttasil (obligatory long vowel extension)
• Madd jaa’iz munfasil (permissible long vowel extension)
• Madd silah
• Madd Badal

What You Will Achieve:

Successfully completing this course means you've laid down the foundations for your journey with Tajweed.
You'll correct the most common recitation and articulation errors as we work through the articulation of each letter and the foundational tajweed rules.
As a result, you’ll notice a massive improvement in the quality of your recitation.



We build on the base gained in Level 1 and introduce you more advanced rules.

The main objective of this course is to give you an in-depth understanding of the ways long vowels are extended plus some advanced rules and nuances required to perfect your recitation.

What You Will Learn

• Madd Lazim 1
• Madd Lazim 2
• Madd Stopping
• Madd Iwadh
• Maraatib al-mudood
• The importance of the isti’adha & basmala in recitation, and where they are used
• The recommended style of starting and stopping while reciting
• The 7 different alifs and how to recite each one
• The characteristics and qualities of letters we must abide by
• The levels of heavy letters as well as the heavy and light properties of the letter Raa
• The relationship between two meeting letters
• Phases of writing The Quran

What You Will Achieve:

You have now covered the majority of tajweed rules.
You are now proficient in almost all of the tajweed rules and in the recitation of Hafs ‘an Asim and you're able to read from anywhere in the Quran .
The quality of your recitation will improve and your application of the tajweed rules will feel natural.



1- Tajweed classes for one student to be One on One classes.
2- Tajweed classes for more than one student to be a group classes (2 or 3.....) extra.
3- Example : 2 students course will be (18 group classes + 10 one on one Quran classes each)
4- Payment is 100% secure with money back guarantee if not satisfied.


  • One student (150$ USD)
  • Two student (125$ USD)
  • Three student (100$ USD)
  • One student (275$ USD)
  • Two student (225$ USD)
  • Three student (175$ USD)